Why We Sell Kohler Generators!

Some companies offer multiple brands of generators but here at Nu-Tek – we believe in providing the best for our customers. Kohler generators are not the least expensive generator on the market but they have the best value  with reliable, high quality power, a five year warranty and we have fully trained staff to service and maintain the generator so you have no worries! We specialize in whole home standby generators. They are powered by natural gas or propane and in our opinion, the top standby generator on the market.

The Kohler Advantage

  • Reliable – extensively tested before leaving the factory
  • Can power everything – we size the generator accurately to your specifications
  • High quality power – protects sensitive electronics
  • Fast – lights are back on in 10 seconds
  • Premium Warranty – 5 year limited 2000 hr protection

Why Choose Kohler?

What Size of Generator Are You Looking For?

This chart will give you a rough sizing estimate but the best way is to book a Free Consultation with Nu-Tek Electric and we will analyze your electrical load to supply and install the correct size.


What Type of Generator Are You Looking For?

Residential Generator


  • Ideal for backing up your home or business
  • Powers critical hardwired systems like AC, heat, sump pump, well pump, security system and large appliances
  • Automatically starts and restores power in seconds, whether you are there or not
  • No refueling:  runs on natural gas or liquid propane
  • Delivers high quality power – won’t harm your electronics

Portable Generator


  •  Designed for job sites, camping, tailgating and other mobile activities
  • Powers individual items like plug in appliances and lamps with extension cords
  • Runs on diesel or gasoline
  • No installation required (options available)
  • Operates outdoors using careful safety guidelines