Have You Considered … Before Renovating?

The finished project is the best part of any renovation. Hopefully, it turns out just the way you envisioned it. However, when you are thinking about what it is going to look like in that finished room, the part many people overlook is that it takes planning to get those lights and outlets in just the right place so that they are usable, aesthetically pleasing and code compliant. Remember that you cannot see inside your walls so don’t follow the old adage – out of sight, out of mind – it is easier to do the electrical component of your renovation while the walls are open.

  1. The starting point is always the panel. Before starting any renovation, you need to know that your panel can handle the additional load required once the renovation is complete. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Lighting Colour For Your Home

Now that we have advanced from the traditional incandescent bulbs where you had no choice of light colour to the world of LED lighting – you now have a choice of what colour of lighting to have in your home. The colour you choose is a personal choice. Each person will perceive colour in their own way. The choice has to also be based on what you want to illuminate and for what reason.

For example you would illuminate a tree in the front yard much differently than you would illuminate your counter top. Accenting objects vs. task lighting.

Colour in lighting is based on the Kelvin (K) scale which ranges from 1000K (red/yellow candlelight) to 10000K (Sky Blue). Most lighting for homes starts around 2700-3000K (warm white) and ranges up through 4100K (Cool white) and up to 5000K (Daylight).

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