How to Save Money on Hydro Bills

Electricity… we can’t live without it. Honestly, what is the first and last thing you do from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, what do you do?….You turn on and off the lights! And even when you are sleeping, you have other things using electricity like your phone charging, your fridge keeping food from spoiling, and you have your furnace running (well some furnaces run on electricity).
When do you remember not using electricity??? Today keeping phones, tablets, and computers charged so we can do even basic things like finding a job, kids completing homework, and entertainment. Some people are having to choose between paying for food and rent or their electricity bill.
Our hydro bills are steadily climbing, which no one can really be too happy about. Hopefully by summer, the Ontario government will have reduced our bills by a total of 25%. Unfortunately our kids will be paying for our hydro use.
We all love to find ways to cut and save on our hydro bills. This can include
– Switching light bulbs to LED
– Turning off lights  as you leave a room
– Install occupancy/motion sensors
– Wash clothes in cold water and wash full loads
– In the summer dry clothes on a clothes line
– Use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature a few degrees lower when you sleep and when you are at work
– Take shorter showers
– Use natural light
– Use the air dry setting on your dishwashers
– Use an energy monitor for usage awareness
 What are ways that you save money around your home?

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