Check Your Smoke Detectors!

Oh the power just went out.. Well I guess I’ll go to bed then.

You may go to sleep when the power is out, but do you know if your Life Safety devices in your home such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, are battery backed up to ensure you and your family are protected and will be alerted in the event you do have a life threating situation?

Believe it or not there are detectors on the market that do not have batteries in them.

Don’t you think it is odd our computers and printers are on a UPS battery backup but not devices that save our lives? Facts:

  • Smoke detectors save lives
  • Carbon monoxide detectors save lives
  • Interconnected 120v units alert the occupants throughout the house not just by the local device and therefore save lives

Every home owner would want and, I feel deserves, 24 hour protection and to be alerted if there is a potential issue.

Take action: check your devices or have them checked by a licensed electrician and if there are no batteries, upgrade the devices to – 120volt interconnected, battery backed up complete with 10 year batteries.

As of May 2015 the units now come complete with strobe lights to alert the deaf.

Your local fire prevention officer will assist you in developing a fire escape plan for you and your family.

You will breathe easier knowing you are safe in a power outage as well as when the power is on.

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