Who is Dr. Watt?

Name:                                 Dr. Watt

Date of Birth:                    July 28, 2006

Height:                                    7’2”

Hometown:                       Alliston, Ontario

Occupation:                      Nu-Tek Electric Mascot

Signature Hand Signs:   Thumbs Up & Perfect

Favourite Colour:            Pink (was out voted for changing the van colour!)

Favourite Season:           Spring

Favourite Activities:

  • Meeting new people
  • Dancing
  • Attending home shows and parades (keep your eyes peeled)
  • High Fives
  • HUGS
  • Posing for Pictures

Dr. Watt wishes

  1. Everyone understands what it means to be electrically safe and know how to spot the dangers
  2. He knew how to colour as well as kids can! (Ask the electrician for a FREE COLOURING BOOK when they are at your home)
  3. The Nu-Tek vans would be pink

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